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Your full-service media agency for positive communication solutions

KONTENTU is the new media center of Curaçao, where new relationships are built on the local and international content production markets, by emphasizing the meaning of being “KONTENTU”,  “HAPPY”. 


At KONTENTU we have the strong belief that effective and efficient communications will keep people happy. Happiness brings joy and prosperity to a country and its people. Prosperity in the sense of development, communications, content, and sustainability. 



Master Classes




Content Production



Kontentu is focused on creating an area where others feel inspired to create. A center stage that promotes diverse media production by letting clients learn and experience effective communication taking place. KONTENTU is the first content producer to offer their clients the full circle in production and “external data analytics” on how their communication strategies are performing.  With KONTENTU, “we want to bring Curaçao closer to the world and to ourselves”. 


Live Streaming


International Broadcasting


Studio Rentals

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SAMBIL Curaçao

Veeris #27, Willemstad, Curaçao

Tel: +5999 465 1234    |

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